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                                                               Robot Kids Club is an interactive educational outreach program. Our program is designed to educate learners in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Social Skills (STEMS). Robot Kids Club emphasizes the importance of education, social skills, goal setting, communication, and teamwork. Our program meets the Georgia Performance Standards and can be modified to meet the academic requirements of all grade levels.

Robot Kids Club was established in 2009, formerly by the name of Robots 4 Kids. The organization went through a strategical revitalization and restructuring period, then reopened in 2013 as Robot Kids Club. Our program is designed to facilitate workshops for school-age kids and educators. These workshops will be implemented during after school hours, weekends, and school holidays. Workshops will occur at  summer camps, museums, colleges, recreation departments, and church events. Robot Kids Club consists of three components: Youth Enrichment Workshops, Educator Enhancement Workshops, and Online Retailing.

The Youth Enrichment Component is designed to create social development, introduce STEM careers, and increase math and science scores. The STEM workshops will utilize robots, aircrafts, rockets, and other tools as means to educate the learners. Each STEM workshop will consist of a life skills component as a supplemental activity. The social skills workshops will utilize curriculums that cover topics such as: Anti-Bullying, Anti-Drugs, Conflict Resolution, and Healthy Habits. Each social skills workshop will consist of a STEM component as a supplemental activity.  

The Educator Enhancement Componet is design to educate teachers, principals, mentors, and counselors in the areas of STEMS. Our objective is to provide the educators with the resources, knowledge, and skills to teach interactive STEMS activities more efficiently. Our workshops are intended to increase the productivity, communication, and team work within the educator's working environment. 

The Online Retailing Store is provided for our customers to have easy access to purchase our products via internet. Products will be mailed directly to your site. We offer promotions, discounts, and fundraising opportunities.

Mission Statement​                                                                                             

Our mission is to educate, inspire, and develop all minds with the cognitive abilities to comprehend cutting-edge technologies and routinely make conscientous choices. 


Famous Quote

"Scientists investigate that which is already is; Engineers create that which has never been."

-Albert Einstein, Physicist




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